Head chef

We were catering a wedding for three hundred. The groom stuck his head into the kitchen with a question about the dessert service.
Kat swaggered up to him and beckoned. He listened intently as she whispered in his ear and suddenly turned red.  "Ok." he said
"Cover my station, Sue" Kat exclaimed, as she headed for the door
My heart pounded as I worked grill for about ten minutes, then curiosity got the better of me. I went to the window and peeked into the back alley.  An incredible sight greeted me

Kat had the groom bent over an empty keg. His tux trousers were scrunched around his ankles, and the tux jacked pushed up around his hips.  Kat was spanking him, terrible hard spanks with her strong working woman's hands. Occasionally she picked up a metal cake server and delivered a stinging whack that rang in the alleyway.
So while the bride and three hundred guests supped on overpriced seafood, the groom was getting pounded by our head chef in the back alley. His eyes rolled  back in his head as Kat delivered a particularly nasty whack with the server.  Then she pulled him to his feet by the scruff of the neck, and sat him on a hard wooden bench.
Kat dropped her shorts and panties and climbed aboard, grinding his battered bum into the bench. I moved away from the window.  That scene would be etched into my spank bank, food for my raging clit that night and many others afterward.