"I want to be alone" he said, going into his room.
"What you want is us" Asha tried to kiss him.
"Touch me again and -"
"and what??" She drew her dagger. One quick slash unlaced his trousers. Asha and her guards grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him over Asha's lap Seizing a belt from the bed, she downed his breeches. Again and again the doubled up leather spanked him until he was sobbing and rock hard.

She flipped him over. "Damn you" he cried, but his cock became the world. Only their hairy cunts and her hands, her breasts mattered now. Asha had coarse black hair between her legs and it overpowered his sandy hair. The women fucked him so hard it didn't matter who had the cunt and who had the cock now.