" get IN THAT locker room tout suite, mister. I'm going to the office to drop my clipboard and fetch my slipper. When I get there you better have those trunks down!  I'm going to teach you to practice every day from now on"

My coach Christy was pissed. So pissed she had shoved me in the female showers. No matter, the only other person at the pool was Mandy the lifeguard, and I was sure she had heard the blistering lecture.  She wouldn't be disturbing us

What I fervently hoped is for some privacy for the next five minutes. She didn't need to hear the blistering I was about to receive. Two weeks ago coach had taken me over her toned, tanned knee and spanked me to tears in the male showers. My yelps had been so loud that the women's coach had poked her head in the room and then thought better of it. She then went back to her class and told five single women every detail of my predicament

I downed my trunks and frantically tried to think of a plan. Over there.. a wet pair of bikini bottoms. Could I? As the door opened and  Christy marched toward me with her shoe, I stuffed the bottoms in my mouth, turned against the wall and prepared to take what I deserved. My makeshift gag worked. The shoe spanked every inch of my sensitive bottom. My ass was on fire. My aching cock and balls bounced and squirmed off the cinder blocks. Christy had her way with me, but all I tasted was pussy, and my cries for mercy were muffled.