"Why don't you have a seat in that chair, " I said said to Audrey, quite calmly, given the circmstances. She complied, quaking. They'd been caught in an embrace, still fully clothed in the marital bed.
Jack looked at me, took a deep breath and said "Val, look I can explain-" I agreed wholeheartedly that he should indeed. ,
So he explained, nervously while I rummaged for a switch.  He explained faster as I unbuckled his belt and eased down his jeans.  His explanation got a bit squeaky when I womanhandled him onto the bed over side of the bed..
"Go on, go on.. I'm sure this will be good " I said, delivering three crisp spanks with my hand. "Oh and you, Audrey, you'll be getting the same - unless you want me to call Ted up and let him know what you two have been up to.
So the story poured out of him, aided by my strong hand. The story got a little sorrier as my husband's bottom got redder. And when I started swooshing down that terrible switch, well, let's just say the story ended in incoherence.
But I'm grateful he tried - explaining.
Audrey just took her punishment like a woman. There was no talking, no pleas, just red-mouthed wailing as the whippy switch spanked the delicate skin. By then end of it I had two tearful home-wreckers on their knees in separate corners.
And they must not have hated it too much, because every time Ted is out of town on business we repeat the lesson.