Going to school

After our work argument, my colleague  suggested drinks at the pub. Followingthe third drink, she brought up the disagreement again. Leaning forward, she explained in a low voice how wrong I was; how frustrated she was; and how she was going to take me home and school me.
Then she paid the cheque and walked out the door. Open mouthed, I followed her home
I found a kind of freedom. She owned me on the couch, skirt hiked up, me draped over her lovely legs on the living room couch.. I sobbed openly as the ruler whipped my white ass over and over. How could this be happening? How could I get spanked by a woman ten years younger than me over a work disagreement?.  Putting the ruler down, she took me by the hand to the bedroom, where a different type of education took place: that of an eager vagina teaching a penis the wonders of dynamic friction.