Three's company

"You go ahead and have a good cry..." my tattooed girlfriend said, lowering the doubled up belt. I think I've got the message across." She strode out as I  buried my face in the bedspread and gingerly touched my red hot bottom.
Twenty minutes later our roommate came home. She noticed  I was sitting on a pillow watching TV and looking very sorry. She put her hand to her mouth "Oh my. Did Colleen spank you again for the rent"
My face flushed, though not as red as my derriere. "Yes Annie, she did"
"Did it hurt?" the inquisitive twenty year old asked.
I had to choke back tears of frustration and humiliation. "Yes.  Yes it did, very much"
Colleen's voice bellowed from her room "Annie Wilson! You get away from Steve and leave him alone!"
She came and felt my forehead. "How are you feeling sweetie?  Annie got some ice cream.  We'll have it later"
So the three of us cuddled on the couch and watched a movie and ate our ice cream.