Yoga retreat 2

Gazing up her legs, glistening with sweat in shoulder-stand, Ceri realized that she  wasn’t searching for signs of “imperfection” or scrutinizing her body with the negative self-talk that too many of us have with ourselves on a daily basis—the abusive dialogue she had with myself most of her life. The yoga retreat changed her profoundly, and permanently.
 At the end of the two week course, the participants decided to spank the lone male participant for having the cheek to take a nude yoga retreat with sixteen women. Ty was good-natured enough to oblige. It seemed fair - he had seen enough tits, ass, and bush in 14 days to fill his own spank bank for a year.
As Ty bounced and moaned over each firm, naked lap, his bottom got redder, and his lovely cock got harder and harder. Some of the women were gentle, others whacked away with feelingBut when it was Ceri's turn she led him by the hand to a side room, and quickly returned with a twinkle in her eye - and a flat piece of wood in her hand. As Ceri whacked his toned bottom over and over, she thought of all the men who had disrespected her and made her feel less than normal. 

Ty didn't seem to mind, it was almost that his bottom craved being made to answer for other men's transgressions. When finally they coupled, she deftly stroked him to a roaring orgasm. Ten minutes later, as they cuddled, there was a knock at the door.  Megan and Kristi with a condom each.  "I hope you're up for it soon Ty... If not, can we borrow your paddle, Ceri?"