Eye contact

SMACK SMACK SMACK "Look at me when I'm correcting you!" exclaimed Jocalyn, hitting my bottom harder, if possible. I twisted my neck and looked up at her. I blushed as the reality of my predicament hit home.

A grown man, I was being scolded, chastised, and thrashed over the knee like a schoolboy.

"I bet you'll think twice about sleeping with a married woman," she said, applying the ruler with a wicked smile.

"I will! I will! (as if she wasn't the married woman in question)"

As the spanks landed, I wondered why she was so fierce. Did her husband Jack cheat on her? Was he distant? Was she getting back at me for sexism or discrimination? All I knew is my bottom hurt. I kept looking into those flashing green eyes until she laid down her weapon and began stroking me.

Jocalyn flipped me over and took my penis in her mouth. Rapidly pumping her head, she tightened around me, and with half a dozen hard smacks of her hand, whipped me to the orgasm of the year.