Eight months ago, I knew Nancy would have womanhandled the young man and beat him until he was red at both ends.  But she was pregnant, due next month, and impossibly large. OTK was out of the question

When my classmate sat down heavily in an armchair ordered the misbehaving student to take down his shorts, I was floored. Over the next five minutes, she directed the man exactly how, where and how hard to slap his own bottom. Her voice rang out as she ordered him "harder. Harder!"

Whap! Whap! Slap! Smack! Smack. She waved for him to stop. His bottom was hot pink. But it wasn't enough yet. Her hormones were riding high, and she was grumpy as fuck.

"Ok Ken, pick up that ruler. We're not done yet."  She stared him down as he gazed up at her with those baby blues. He swallowed hard My pussy ached as I watched from the corner....

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK. He was moaning out loud now, beating his own bottom, not daring to disappoint her, because she would yell at him "Harder!" in that no-nonsense voice of hers.

He paused. Lowered the ruler. Looked up at her. His eyes were brimming. His bottom was red and hot. I could feel the heat from across the small room.

"we're still not done." she said quietly

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!  I winced as he stuck out his hot bottom and delivered a dozen wicked strokes. His tears dripped on the desk, but I heard very little as a monstrous orgasm washed over me. Nancy ordered him in the corner and winked at me, checking her nails

I felt faint. She'd just spanked the daylights out of a twenty year old healthy male, without laying a finger on him